UNSEEN EARTH ANGELS !!!! Unseen Earth Angels ! Make that difference, whatever it is. It does not matter if nobody sees U. Just be an Unseen Angel in the World. Transmit Peace. Send it out from your Heart Centre as U know how. Even if you impact only two humans or one cat or a single daisy, make that difference. Make it happen. Earth needs U !! Come come, come ! Come through the Fire of Transmutation.



Cosmos is breathing through you  Mass consciousness is shifting through you                                          It envelops Blue Planet        Growing, glowing, glorifying        My aura overlaps yours…swirls And explodes into a million guitar notes                                                    A shift into transparency             See the masses holding lilies  Ferns of lacy texture                Energetic substances          Spreading into each blade of grass Circles my country                      Every molecule shifts into the pale Rosiness of your flesh

“Idiots, Clowns and Jokers” are the best because they don’t care two hoots what anybody else thinks. They are the beginning of time, mostly living outside the Matrix. They play the important role of making peeps laugh, their apparent stupidity stimulates the mind, opens the heart, makes you want to play, which is the crucial ingredient of creativity. They are the rim of the circle. The end and beginning of all new things, the pupil of the eye, the best pupil of all teachers as well as the nightmare of teachers. Their electricity can be lightning or thunder or Dark or Light because they understand intuitively that these are the playtools of life.

Unbearable Beauty

The beauty that I carry within        Loads me with Sunflowers and Violins                                                   I ooze it out in flimsy thoughts         That make their way along the         Byways of meeting rooms, car tyres and station shops                                                                                    My fingers too slow for the              Spinning wheels of Grace                Drinking strong coffee I melt down Images of musical notes          Along stairways of life                    To float in an unspeakable              Nothingness

I am who I am

I AM WHO I AM                                  A drop I dissolved into River of Life                                                    Braincells becoming numinous Spaces                                                    Sailing towards the Void                    Dropping ever deeper into Liquid’s Depth                                                    Van Gogh sky watched in longing    Hills embraced my drowning  Matrix fell away                      Stillness and song became One    As did boundaries, Sky and River Poetry a pink shell on the Ocean floor ….I re-emerge                              Refreshed !

No Wait in Vain

For decades I waited and you did not come                                              To listen to my rude insertion        When you withdrew in a split second                                                To finger the sound at the back of my throat                                       And the vibration of my name.                                                                    For decades I wanted to meet a small mountain as                               I read her plain words in innocence                                            A bell in her heart rang deep    With children running sweet.                                                                       For decades I longed to touch      An ardency of a struggling moth  As he ached for new wings  Smooth ebony cheeks      Passionate with eager Love.                                                                          For decades I listened for                A painter to mirror my songs Discover a talkative witch          Who still trampled from place to place                                                  Her broken shoes echoing my silent breathe.                                                                                                   For decades I  wanted the ease of a smooth ride                                Where conversation was free of tasks                                                 And words on both sides of the brake of equal length                    With apricots hidden somewhere for the taking.                                                                                                   So I upped my thumb to a quick glance of hope                          Though books were strewn about Space in a warehouse to be washed of shadows                          No wait in vain.                                                                                          ©2017 GhairoDanielsPoetry.

When we fear…

When we experience fear we are seeing the world as them and us. We live in judgement when we point at them, as if they are outside of us. We experience guilt when we compartmentalise humanity. Guilt hardens our muscles, creates knots in our minds. Practice seeing everything as a part of yourself, as ONE whole. As soon as we do this, disqualified emotions pass away. We feel free.

Zimbabwe : Nov 2017

What is he without Grace                A semblance of a liberation memory                                                How long can Darkness hold the sway                                                        As night covers the day                  While shadows roam barren streets                                                    And notes like leaves blow across Victoria Falls                                                                                                      Can age hold up the structures of a barren Land ?                                      Can venom flow over open wounds…                                          What strength is needed to bring on the Light                                    One man’s blood cannot renew platelets so weak                          Farms await bony hands of want  Land thirsty for full bodied Love  One Party is better than one man    Democracy waits in the shadows    And backwaters of what              Has rotted after the great big fight                       …. Memories of heroes written across the Zimbabwe Ruins                                                 Golden kingdoms remain in the Ethers                                          Singing children cannot be silenced                                          Their eyes knowing the Dance of Time…    ©2017GhairoDanielsPoetry.